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What an Amazing Time to Be a Chicken Sandwich at FireHouse Gastro Park

FHGP, inside restaurant and bar, Mama's Medicine Neon Logo

So much happening in this picture, but mostly it's about chicken a sandwich

FireHouse Gastro Park opened along Main Street in Grand Prairie almost two years ago and seems to have flown under the radar, maybe because of COVID. As the name implies, the multifunction space is built in an old fire station and includes a coffee shop, restaurant, two outdoor areas (one with a stage for live music) and a bar. Owners Jason and Carlee Smith are both actors and work wherever their current gig might be. They also have experience in event management. Carlee is originally from Grand Prairie, and when the city issued a public request for proposals for the fire station it was perfect timing; they were looking for a new project that would allow them to be closer to her family.

The courtyard at FireHouse Gastro Park. The stage is off camera to the right and in the far back is cornhole

On a recent Thursday afternoon, the large outdoor courtyard was speckled with couples and families spread out at picnic tables on astroturf. The first room inside is a self-described “tweed-fueled coffee shop,” which sells La Casita baked goods. Next is where the fire trucks would have been parked in their downtime, which is now a large dining area, kitchen and bar.



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