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Grand Prairie Has a New Family-Friendly and Early Concert Venue

By Jacob Vaughn (original Dallas Observer article)

FHGP, facade of building, FHGP neon letters

New Grand Prairie venue FireHouse Gastro Park will offer early concerts for those who can't hang past 10

Grand Prairie Preserves History With A Destination Restaurant

The Nashville folk-pop duo Freddy & Francine will soon be hitting the stage at the newly opened FireHouse Gastro Park in Grand Prairie. The music venue-restaurant-coffee bar combo held its grand opening earlier this month, but the duo’s show on June 1 will mark the first performance on the spot’s completed Infinity Sound Stage.

FireHouse Gastro Park is a creation by Los Angeles business owners Jason and Carlee Smith. In collaboration with Rouch Architecture, the couple has embedded their LA roots into the aesthetic of their new business. With the help of Infinity Sound, a sound and lighting company in Grand Prairie, and live music producer Zach Balch, the team is also aiming to create an artist-first atmosphere that encourages their patrons to dial in to each performance.

Balch says he took this model from venues in Dallas, such as The Kessler Theater and Opening Bell Coffee. The stage at FireHouse Gastro Park is set low to the ground to help concertgoers better connect with performers, similar to these Dallas venues.

“We want you to be engaged in this,” Balch says. “We want you to feel like you're a part of this experience, rather than just passively consuming it. It’s designed to put (artists) in front of an audience that they can build a relationship with.”


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